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KV+ Bora Clip professional racing poles are a budget-friendly alternative to Tornado Plus poles. Reinforced with additional carbon bands along the entire length, they feature the same Tornado Plus stiffness, small quick-changing baskets and Falcon Clip grips. 100% high modulus carbon shafts are almost the same weight as Tornado Plus poles, so they’re still light enough for almost any pro skier.

KV+ Bora 100% Carbon

SKU: P22005Q
€230.00 Regular Price
€184.00Sale Price
  • Classic: Height in cm x 0.840 (=recommended pole length)

    Classic: height in cm x 0.862 (=max polelength)

    Skating: height in cm x 0.890 (=recommended pole length)

    Skating: height in cm x 0.912 (=max pole length)

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