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If cross-country skiing is your favorite winter workout, it willStorm 2 Magbe an important part of your equipment. The shaft is made of extra light and stiff 100% carbon. Its special feature lies in the unique Mag Point System 2.0, the magnetic quick-release fastener. The easy-to-use button lets you quickly attach and detach the strap without opening it. The high-quality Mag Point Strap 2.0 and Mag Point Grip 2.0 offer you optimal control and maximum power transmission. Thanks to the Exchange Basket quick-change system, which is easy to use without tools, you can easily adjust the basket size to the given conditions.


Please let us know the special length of the stock in the "add a note" in the shopping cart! Special lengths will be cut to the millimeter according to your request shortened 

Storm 2 Mag

SKU: OZ41121
€179.99 Regular Price
€143.99Sale Price
  • Classic: Height in cm x 0.840 (=recommended pole length)

    Classic: height in cm x 0.862 (=max stick length)

    Skating: height in cm x 0.890 (=recommended pole length)

    Skating: height in cm x 0.912 (=max stick length)

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