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All things new:Speedmax skate, absolute top skating model with the RACE CODE seal of approval from racing. Light sole, perfect foot embedding thanks to new lacing and optimal fit, like that of a second skin. Zero Play Hinge ensures stability and precise guidance with lossless power transmission.


Speed is limited only by the finish line


Sometimes it's just a hundredth of a second that makes history. Finding that touch of time is the mission of the Fischer development team. The result is Speedmax skis, boots and poles made from exclusive materials, consistently reduced in weight and with integrated cutting-edge technologies. The Fischer RACE CODE seal of quality makes it clear: the same products that are used in the World Cup can also be bought in specialist sports shops. Developed for winners, coveted by everyone.

Speedmax skate

SKU: S01022
€750.00 Regular Price
€600.00Sale Price
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