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RHWK Racing Non Fluor is a Non fluoro race wax that meets the highest standards in Alpine Ski Racing, used by many technicians of World Cup Racers. With its wide snow temperature range, this wax is a great addition to your tool box if you want something to give yourself that extra boost on race day! With its reasonable price tag, HWK Racing Non Fluor won’t break the bank! If you are looking to go that step further with HF waxes, HWK Racing Non Fluor will be a perfect race base wax also.


  • Unfluorinated Race Wax meets the highest standards.
  • Snow Temperature range +10*C to -10*C.
  • Ironing Temperature 120*C.
  • Perfect addition to any racers tool box.
  • 180g Bar.


HWK Racing Non Fluor 180g

€20.00 Regular Price
€18.00Sale Price
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