Eder Benjamin

Since close to 25 years I'm active into the ski business. In the years 1995-2002 I've been an athlete in the Austrian Biathlon Team.

After my short and partially successful career as an athlete I was quite lucky to got hired from Fischer Sports GmbH where I found my passion about skis which I still remained true until today.

To be an athlete and develop fast skis is pretty much the same. All is about to make progress, failures and success. 

One of my main skills all the years was, and still is, selection & grinding of cross country skis

Professional career

  • 2003-2010     Fischer Sports GmbH                        research & development nordic

  • 2010-2019     Austrian Ski Federation                    head of service Biathlon

  • 2019               BEMEsports                                        owner

Example of grindings I have significantly contributed during my time at Fischersports GmbH

C 1-1 | C 3-1C 8-1C 12-1

P 5-0P 1-1 | P 5-1 | P 9-2 | P 11-2

Based on Fischer grinds I've continually developed and released new versions which was an important

component for world cup wins, medals in world championships & olympic games

B 113 | B 118B 205 | B 227

B 215 | B 2211 | B 3211 | B 3312